Top picks of simplyrest

Simplyrest has got your back if you have been browsing the market for some fine mattresses. View this list compiled by our team to learn about some of the top picks:

Vaya Mattress

While many are drawn to Vaya’s inexpensive price, its exclusive feel is what we really love about this mattress. Proprietary Vaya Foams combine the advantages of contouring the body in both memory foam and rubber while feeling buoyant and sensitive. You’ll sleep “on top of” the mattress instead of slipping or feeling “trapped” in Vaya Foams and be able to easily adjust sleeping positions. A 10-year warranty covering production flaws and sags greater than .75 inches thick comes with every Vaya Mattress. With any booking, Vaya delivers a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial, ensuring refunds are free if you’re disappointed with the room.

Nolah Original

Moving on to Nolah AirfoamTM, a 15-year warranty guarantees that if it is sagging more than 1 inch, or if there is any harm to the padding resulting from poor craftsmanship, Nolah can restore or rebuild the mattress. These flaws are only protected where they are not caused by consumer misuse. The mask is therefore covered by a warranty of 1 year. Defects have seams that are weak or unravelling and a broken zipper. Nolah will send a courier to pick up the mattress and donate it to charity for a full refund, free of charge, if you are not pleased with the mattress. Nolah only advises clients to keep the mattress for at least 30 days to give the body time to transition to the new mattress.


Next, we have the grepzy Mattress. Based on the assertion, grepzy gives clients a 10-year promise that they can have to either restore or replace the mattress free of charge. The responsibility for paying transport and managing charges rests with consumers. Covered flaws include sagging greater than 1 inch, not due to misuse, and cracks or breaks in the foam. The zippered cover comes under protection for 2 years, protecting material and workmanship flaws that are not caused by misuse. To break it in, grepzy allows its consumers to keep the mattress for a period of 21 days.

Stand Mattress

Moving on to the Stand Mattress. Stand warranty flaws include sagging greater than 1 inch and some physical fault that allows the foam to break or crack, not caused by misuse. Stand can patch or replace the mattress free of charge, but the consumer has to cover handling and transportation costs. During that year, Stand will repair the cover in case of defects in the cloth or workmanship not caused by misuse. The exterior cover is assured for 1 year. Stand offers a 100-night sleep trial for clients. For at least 30 days, it’s mandatory for clients to try the mattress. If the client is not satisfied with the mattress during this period of time, Stand will arrange to have it picked up for a full refund.

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